Kai Whitney’s Biography

Who Is Kai Whitney?

Kai Whitney is one of the most famous personalities known by many people along Wall Street and outside as well. After graduating from the University of California in the year 1994 with a BA degree, Kai Whitney immediately kicked off his Wall Street career. He was one of the main pillars of Redbridge capital consulting, during its years of establishment. Redbridge capital consulting is a trading research, consulting and mentoring Services Company. With an experience of over thirteen years, from the year 1995 to 2008, several institutions have taken the aid of Kai Whitney. Some of these institutions include:

  • Swiss banks and other popular world banks. A few local banks also consulted him for better functioning.
  • Phase II capital, also known as supplementary capital which contains the important components of the banking capital requirements.
  • UBS, which is a Swiss multinational investment bank.
  • Bear Sterns, an American or New York based Investment Company.

Kai Whitney’s main job included providing different companies with investment solutions and guide them along the right business track.

Kai Whitney’s Technical Analysis

Kai Whitney is an individual that has knowledge about almost each and every technological and business aspect. He is known as Mr. Know-it-all by many and is rightly called so. The decisions that were taken by Kai Whitney in the companies that he worked with were all analyzed thoroughly by him. Even today, he employs order flow and technical analysis methods to take the right decision. These may not be agreed upon by the CEOs but they are definitely harmless and most of the time, the right decisions to take. Kai Whitney was also asked to quit his job a couple of times due to the differences between him and the company CEOs over important business-related decisions. When the CEOs took decisions they should not have, they would eventually repent due to the after-effects of their decisions and ask Kai Whitney to come back.

Challenges In Kai’s life

No person on the face of the Earth can succeed in life without facing a few problems and challenges. It is the act of overcoming these challenges that makes the individual praiseworthy. Somewhere around the year 2008, Kai faced several business problems because his main focus had shifted towards his family and his child in particular. He did not take the help of anybody else either. However, self-realization struck at the right time and Kai Whitney bounced back even stronger. He realized that taking the help or aid of others is not something one should run away from. He was like the Phoenix who rose from the ashes.

A Successful Trader Indeed

Experience and knowledge are two important aspects that are extremely important to succeed in any field. Kai Whitney has the knack of studying the market situation thoroughly and making almost accurate predictions. Kai uses order flow in all the decisions he takes and executes his plan only after studying the market situation. Today, he focusses mainly on helping several traders flourish and avoid unwanted mistakes.

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